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HO scale
Windmill Weather Vane Kit

Catch the wind to water those thirsty cows with this exquisitely designed new HO Windmill kit. This precision miniature brings back fond memories of days on the farm; the steady rhythm of the majestic blades turning in the wind gave the promise of a refreshing drink. As an added bonus this kit even includes a weather vane and true to our hobby, it’s in the shape of a steam locomotive.

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HO Scale
Weather Vane Kit

What a masterpiece to compliment your barn or out building. The weather vane kit is quick to assemble and is a must for your farm. The directional locomotive actually turns too!
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HO-scale barbed wire fence

Barbed Wire Kit

    trading strategy The popularity of our N-scale barbed wire kit is renowned. We thought you HO-scale enthusiasts would also enjoy the opportunity to line your tracks with nine paintable sections of fine brass fencing. 
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N-scale windmill

N-Scale Farm
Windmill Kit

    forex trading strategy There's a reason why this is one of the most popular N-scale brass farm windmill kits available today. Microscopically acid etched in the finest industrial brass makes this a must for any N-scale enthusiast. This would make a great present for any occasion.
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N-scale Sawdust burner

N-Scale Sawmill
Sawdust Burner

    Authentic design taken right from the lumber mills of the Pacific Northwest. Made from the finest materials. The brass this burner is etched from will last a life time as will the pleasure this kit will bring. A must for all serious train scenes. Let's see it
N-scale Barbed wire
N-Scale Barbed Wire Kit
 Looks like the real McCoy, doesn't it? These 10 sections of barbed wire fence (3 gates and a cattle guard are included) will spark up any farm or wilderness scene. You've got to have this one.
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Fire Lookout Tower

Lookout Tower

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! No mountain top should be without this one of a kind Fire Lookout Tower. Kit comes complete with stairs, interior furniture and lots of extras.  The Fire Lookout Tower is approximately 55 feet high in N Scale.  It will also look great in other scales as a distance lookout (forced perspective).
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